Lobster Grand 5 Ball Machine

  • $5,699.00

lobster Grand 5 Ball Machine – Adjust the depth of narrow and wide

two-line oscillation

Grand 5 is equipped with 12 pre-programmed drills - Grinder, Powerbasliner, All Courter, Left, Moonballer, Slicer, Approach, Attack/Defend, and Forehand Plus, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Custom edge technology allows you to programme shot locations, speed, spin and feed rate too.

The variations for customisable shots are infinite.

Create personalised drills capable of simulating true match play.

Anyone can transform the weak points of their game into areas of complete domination.

Digital control panel and remote

Optional remote allows players to control: sweep, random oscillation, two line, drills, speed, spin and feed.

State of the art touch button control comes standard with an LCD screen.

iPhone & iTouch Remote

Download the Lobster Remote App from the App store and turn your iPhone or iTouch into a remote control!

Wifi installation devices

iPhone Wi-Fi remote control assembly – optional $599 incl gst

Grand remote and iPhone Wi-Fi remote control combo – optional $899 incl gst

Note: iPhone and iTouch not included. 

Can only be used with the new Grand Series ball machines.

  • Customisable drills 6 locations in the back court,infinite locations
  • Oscillation random horizontal, random vertical, Fully random horizon& vertical
  • Pre-programmed drills: 12 drills
  • Two line function: 3 settings – narrow, medium and wide
  • Speed: 30km - 130km
  • Ball capacity: 150
  • Feed rate: 2-12 sec
  • Power: Battery
  • Court time: 4 - 8 Hours
  • Elevation: Electronic 0-50°
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Spin: Top & back
  • Remote: Optional
  • Fast charger: Included
  • Premium Fast chargerOptional
  • Warranty: 3 Yrs – unlimited