Tennis Post Flanges - Pair | Sportzing Tennis Australia

  • $41.80

Tennis Net Post Flanges

Designed to fit to standard sleeved tennis posts.


The flanges are designed to fit to improve the appearance of your posts, and prevent water and creepy crawlies entering the tennis post holes. 

When the tennis posts are installed in the ground, the flanges cover the remaining gap between the post and the actual hole.  

Flanges help to reduce the level of water that enters the hole, which can lead to the posts rusting out, and they also help to deter insects and small animals, including small snakes from entering the space.

Made from Australian steel and powder coated for appearance and durability.

  • Designed to fit standard 75mm x 75mm tennis posts.
  • Australian designed and manufactured from Australian steel.
  • Powder coated for appearance and durability.
  • Gives the base of the court a pleasant appearance.
  • Sold as a pair. 

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