Aussie Clean Sweep | Tennis Court Cleaning - Leaf Removal

  • $485.00

Groom your Tennis Court to Perfection


Sportzing has been using and selling the Aussie Clean Sweep for over 15 years and we highly recommend its use to keep your tennis court looking and playing great.

The Aussie Clean Sweep is manufactured in Australia and it is designed for removing leaves and debris off your tennis court.  No more back breaking raking or sweeping or noisy leaf blowing. The Aussie is noise free, it won't break down and it's gentle grooming action benefits the court. 

To use your Aussie correctly, ensure it is the right way up (see the arrow on the sweep) and simply pull it behind you. The quicker the better !  Shaking off debris when needed.

To remove the debris off the Aussie, drag the mat off the court, or to a suitable disposal point, pick up the Aussie by the steel bar and shake. It's that easy.  

Suitable for all types of courts; synthetic grass, clay, asphalt, plexi pave etc. 

  • Warranty Period: 3 Years
  • Dimensions: 240cm x 65cm
  • Materials: Aluminium Head Bar & Rubber Mat
  • Storage: Best stored flat to prevent kinks which will affect performance

Tips: Start in an area with the least amount of debris and finish in the area with the most.  You may need to go over the court several times if excessive debris is present. 


* Some areas in Australia may be subject to a remote location surcharge

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